How to Nominate A Scholar

Please include all the following items in one mailed nomination package:

  • a letter of recommendation on Law School letterhead, identifying the student candidate, and explaining why the student is deserving of the award. This letter should be no more that two pages in length. It should be completed by a dean or member of the faculty who has a direct knowledge of the student’s work.
  • Jan Jancin Application Summary (.DOC  or .PDF) completed by the student candidate.
  • one-page essay by the student candidate discussing their personal achievements in the field of IP law.

Representatives of the ABA-IPL Section, AIPLA and AIPLEF will select the winners of the 2018 Jan Jancin Competition. If you have any questions concerning this honor, please contact the AIPLEF Administrative Office at 703-415-0780. We look forward to receipt of your nomination for the 2018 Jan Jancin Competition.


Criteria For Exemplary Award Nominees

We request that you submit one nomination of a law student enrolled in your institution in the year 2016 (including year 2017 graduation candidates) that

  1. has exemplified excellence in intellectual property academic studies,
  2. is interested in pursuing a career in intellectual property law, and
  3. may have participated as a leader in intellectual property-related student activities for consideration.

Any law school having at least one IP course is eligible for participation.

The dean or appropriate faculty member of each law school, who has a direct knowledge of the student, will determine which IP student best exemplifies excellence in the field of intellectual property law and thereby qualifies as a candidate for the award. Each dean will have the flexibility to use any reasonable criteria, including, by way of example, any of the following:

  • best grades in IP courses overall;
  • outstanding achievement in specified IP courses;
  • best IP paper written by a student;
  • determination by a faculty consensus; or
  • membership and activity in student IP organizations.